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100 Women Philadelphia is a group of civic-minded women that meets four times a year to pool our resources to help local non-profits and worthy causes.  Each member commits to donating $100 four times a year, for a total of $400.  

We have donated over $188,000 to local Philadelphia organizations. 

Here’s how it works:

Each member brings a local nonprofit, charity, or worthy cause, that she has vetted to be legitimate and in need, to which she would like the group to donate.   Three of the causes are randomly chosen and each of those submitting members give a short (2-3 minutes) presentation about her organization. The group then votes to determine the recipient of that quarter's donation.  Majority rules. No national charities will be considered as the purpose is to act locally to help out Philadelphians. If there is an emergency or an immediate need at the time of the meeting, it can be presented as one of the choices.

If your nonprofit is one of the three chosen, but not ultimately picked, you can nominate that same organization in future meetings.

The nonprofit, charity, or worthy cause will have to agree NOT to use the names of our group for further solicitations or give the information out to the public.  If they do not adhere to this condition they will be removed from future consideration.  

If you are unable to attend a quarterly meeting, you may give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf.  Your check is your proxy vote.

This is a fairly simple way of making a positive, collective difference for Philly.  Please remember you are asked to commit to $100 four times a year, for a total of $400.  

Our meetings are at 7pm in Center City.

Questions?  Email, or click the link to our Facebook page at the bottom of this page.

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